Monday, February 16, 2009

fast and delicious guilty pleasure

This is a great trick for a quick gourmet shoestring potato fix without the pain.
Buy organic frozen shoestring potatoes. The Whole Foods 365 brand costs about $1.99 a bag, and with no junky additives is perfect. Now preheat you oven to 400 degrees, and place a cookie sheet inside it to preheat. Here's the trick, take the frozen potatoes and toss them in a bowl with about 2 tsp olive or a great flavored oil you may have and some seasoning ( garlic powder, smoked paprika, pepper, chili powder are some suggestions). Now pop onto that preheated pan and bake until crisp.
The difference is a very homemade flavorful potato worth the calories vs. a mediocre oven fry.

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