Sunday, May 18, 2008

Refreshing Jicama Salad

Making tamales is hard and hungry work so while so there was plenty to nosh on when you wanted to take a break. One of the favorites was a quick jicama salad that my mother made.

She took the medium-sized jicama that I had, washed it (since it is a underground tuber it is a good idea to clean the outer part to prevent food poisoning from e-coli that might have been in the fertilizer), peeled off the skin, and sliced the jicama into french fry sticks.

She then grated the zest of a medium-sized orange over the jicama and then added the juice as well. She finely sliced half a medium-sized red onion and chopped a few sprigs of cilantro. However, she felt it was still missing some tartness so she then grated the zest of a lime and added the juice of the lime as well. Her final ingredient as to add a bit of chili powder over it all.

This salad was crunchy and refreshing and didn't last very long.

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